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Shop local and save

Save on hundreds of local and national discounts - pharmacy savings, online offers, discounts on events and more. Members can get their co-op discounts by shopping online through, the Co-op Connections mobile app, or by using the card.

The Co-op Connections Program allows members to find discounts while on the go. Use this app to find discounts right at home or anywhere you travel. Search “Co-op Connections” in the App store or Google Play to download your free smartphone app! Download the app for free!

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You benefit from Co-op Connections

TCEC is proud to be an integral part of the communities we serve. That’s why we offer the Co-op Connections Card, a member benefit that provides discounts on products and services from participating local and national businesses. 

Co-op Connections is Free

Each member of our co-op receives the card for free. There’s no sign-up. No annual fees. You get your Co-op Connections Card simply because you’re a member of TCEC.

Valuable Offers

You can easily recognize where the Co-op Connections Card is accepted by decals in local retailers’ windows. In addition to local businesses, we have secured discounts from a variety of national businesses and chains, such as rental car companies and hotels. Your card also entitles you to substantial prescription discounts nationwide!*

*Pharmacy discounts are not insurance, and are not intended as a substitute for insurance. The discount is only available at participating pharmacies.

Additional Ways to Save

  • BonusDrive Advantage – pays you $500 on top of all other discounts, when you buy or lease a new Jeep, Ram, Dodge and other select models. 
  • Pet Assure – saves you money on prescriptions, visits to the vet, dogwalking and other services.
  • – printable coupons for groceries that are updated daily. Visit our link on

As a local business, how do I join?

As a business member of TCEC, it’s free to join the program. This program gives you the opportunity to offer our cooperative members valuable discounts, and the only cost to you is the incentive you create to entice our members to patronize your business. In exchange, we promote your business and discount offers to our members at no cost to you. Enrolling is simple. Complete this form. We will follow up with you to complete the process.

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