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Member Matters: Tree Trimming

By Matt Taylor
TCEC Manager of Maintenance

If you’re like me and enjoy having your lights on, there are instances where we’ll have to trim trees so your service is not interrupted.

Trimming trees also helps keep the general public safe. Trees contacting a power line can cause fires. They can also create “touch potential” where the tree is partially energized from the line. That’s why we warn kids not to climb trees near power lines.

Contractors for TCEC will be trimming trees in the Goodwell area for several weeks. These guys help keep your power on when the weather gets tough. Wind, ice and storms can bring branches down. When they fall or land on power lines, they’ll bring those down too. This often causes power outages and safety hazards. Trimming trees helps to lower the risk of that happening.


TCEC works with Riggs Tree Service for tree trimming. They use a method called directional pruning. Directional pruning makes cuts where the tree will grow away from the power line rather than into it. It meets the American National Standards Institute A300 standard. This is a generally accepted industry standard for tree care.

Before trimming trees near a residence, Riggs attempts to contact the member by knocking on the door. If no one answers, they leave a door hanger letting them know the maintenance occurred. TCEC has a right and a responsibility to trim trees in its rights-of-way to keep your power safe and reliable.


The Riggs crew foreman has been in the TCEC area more than 10 years. The crew undergoes training and certification from the Tree Care Industry Association. The foreman is a certified line clearance arborist through the association. Some personnel are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture.

Follow Up

If members have questions regarding tree trimming or vegetation management, they can call TCEC during regular business hours at 580.652.2418 or email member service at


Matt Taylor, Manager of Maintenance, TCEC

Matt Taylor, Manager of Maintenance, TCEC

Tree Trimming Photo 1

Tree Trimming Photo 2

Published May 3, 2018


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